In the very begining, 1994, the company was focused on machinering of general parts, thus, serving many companies in Curitiba city and region. Before starting this current job, brothers Lisecki worked very hard as truck drivers, and, with the acquaintance about trucks summed to the great market vision they started to produce brake parts for commercial vehicles; more specifically repair kits for brake adjusters. With such a pioneer success they started to produce the complete Brake Adjuster, either manual and automatic ones so initiating the company Eckisil Brakes.

    From that on the company increased its business, working with a wide range of components for brake systems. Attending all over Brasil and exporting to many countries in American continent, Europe and Ásia; offering high quality products with competitive prices, Eckisil enlarged its facilityes and maintains the ISO 9001 since 2004 being in the current 2008 version.

    On sports since 1997 Eckisil supports Formula Truck; sponsored 16 of 20 trucks on the very begining of this series. Currently sponsors ABF team with the drivers Geraldo Piquet and the four times champion Wellington Cirino.


Street Professor Algacyr Munhoz Mader, 3410 CIC Curitiba.PR Phone: +55 41 2103-8877